About the Academy , About the Academy

About the Academy

Rock Academy was established in 2018, it aims to develop qualified professionals that can contribute to providing security services, as well as professional business leaders in the MENA region. Rock Academy is operating according to the international standards of Quality and Services.
Training is conducted by certified Veterans, active-duty officers, and highly skilled civilians with extensive experience as trainers in the security field along with other specialties. Multi-Faceted and Multi-dimensional training Programs that meet international standards.
 The Academy is accredited by the Vocational and Technical Skills Development Authority / Ministry of Labor to provide vocational and technical training and education services.
The Academy does also call upon experts and professionals from active duty, industrial, commercial and academic backgrounds to participate in the training program when needed.
Academy Programs are continuously developed to improve Rock Employees' performance and are specially customized to meet the clients’ requirements, aim to qualify participants and provide them with the required knowledge and skills.


Ongoing Phase

The Academy is keen to ensure the development of its trainees. Graduates are always mentored, guided, and with continuous supervision for refreshment if needed.
Candidates for advanced leadership roles may be enrolled in further programs to enable them to deal with the evolving environment to ensure retaining and upgrading their skills for continuous training and development.

Assessment and Evaluation Criteria:

During the training, participants are continually assessed and evaluated in terms of performance, attitude, and achievements.
This evaluation is conducted by trainees on weekly basis; communication is maintained with trainees to discuss their performance.

Academy’s Training Programs

Client focused Programs

•English for Business
•Public Relations in Crisis Management
•Communication Skills
•Managing Difficult Personalities in the Work Environment.
•Teamwork and Adaptation to Work Environment

Management Programs

•Training of Trainers (TOT).
•Computer Skills
•Strategic Planning Skills
•Media Management Skills

•Site Command
•Professional Work skills
•Quality Management
•Risk Management

Specialized programs

•VIP Protection
•Nuclear Infrastructure Protection & Security.
•Unarmed Defensive Tactics
•TV Surveillance System Operators (CCTV)
•Embassies Security
•Inspection System Operators
•First Aid
•Security Inspection Procedures

•Drones’ Security Surveillance
•Infrastructures Protection & Security
•Security Awareness
•Airports Protection & Security
•Stadium Security
•Convoy Escort and Money Transport
•Handgun and Shooting
•Global Positioning System (GPS)