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Rock for security services and consultancy was established by directives from his Majesty the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces to the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff. Rock management was tasked to select the elite among veterans to meet the security needs of sensitive and strategic locations locally, and to expand regionally and beyond. Through the hard work and perseverance of our team we have been blessed to achieve outstanding reputation. The Support of the security agencies to veterans in general and to Rock in particular motivated us to exert exceptional efforts to meet the aspirations of our wise leadership and to seek the fulfilment of the security agencies goals of providing respectable and decent living standards for officers and NCOs not only during their military service but after retirement as well. ROCK is strongly devoted to providing maximum benefits for our employees and superb security service to our clients. We spare no efforts to excel and to explore all avenues, initiatives and ideas to include utilizing cutting-edge technologies and methodologies that promote security of people and facilities.

We have also established a security services academy that not only trains and holds courses in various fields, but also addresses and asses risks to people and facilities in a scientific and practical approach by tailoring the training to probable threats and risks that the facility is most likely to encounter. We also pledge to continue adhering to the ethics of justice and transparency which this company was built on and continues to upload with pride and honor.


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provide distinguished security and consulting services to clients that meet their requirements by assessing the threats and challenges facing their business and developing tailored security plans while focusing on quality in performance through selecting the most qualified veterans

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Provide superb security services and consultancy locally, regionally and beyond by employing highly skilled veterans and professionals, utilizing cutting edge security technology and adopting best methodologies customized to meet the clients' threats and challenges

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protect our clients and their assets; deploy highly vetted, rigorously trained & well- equipped guards that understand local environment and sense regional &international, settings & sensitivities, while at the same time providing their services with full discipline and integrity